Monday, April 20, 2009

Pretend all the good things are for you

Pretend all the good things are for me, too
And the weather changes not halfway between 
your house and mine.

Simple post today- statement jewelry.  Although I don't often wear it, I long to, especially these.

I love the sweet contrast of the satin and ruffles with the edgy studs and chain.
Super Candy by Candace Ang satin ruffle necklace, $48.00

I think this would look amazing against a plain white tee or beater, and just the right amount of tough elegance to an outfit.
UO Geometry necklace, $48.00

I especially heart this ring, and the blue color on the beetle.  And yeah I almost spelled it "beatle."
PYT scarab ring, $168.00

This necklace is made of flat electrical wire!!  It would be so appropriate of me to wear it while listening to some of my NIN or Skinny Puppy or Ministry.  (Get it?  Industrial, electrical wire...?  Industrial music... yeah...)
Paola Volpi criss-cross necklace, $250.00 ($225.00 for MoMA members)

Leather zipper cuff with silver chains.
Jen Kao cuff, $660.00

Or if you're like me and prefer the daintier version.
Jen Kao bracelet, $440.00

lyrics: Rilo Kiley


  1. Wow, these are all so stunning! I want a bib necklace big time! x

  2. The first necklace would be perfect with these shoes ( ) , the second one looks too big but you could use it as a shield if someone attack you :P

    At first sight I though the electrical necklace was a snake. You should definitely buy it!

  3. Haha sure being broke is not cool.
    My uncle work for the electricity company, maybe he could get you some electrical cable. I guess nobody would notice the trick - if you're strong enough to carry 10 meters long cable on your shoulders.

  4. I love the bracelets and the ring!
    Oh and Rilo Kiley is like the greatest, one of my favorites for sure. Jenny Lewis is such an icon!

    And can't believe we have like the same name, actually we do cuz my real name is just Emily and my middle name is Anne. I just used Emily Anne for my blog cuz, well, I could ahah.


  5. oh my gosh those look amazing!

  6. I adore the UO geometry necklace. Great feature. It does make me want to go out and spend an obscene amount of cash on jewellery!

  7. god, that jen kao cuff is to die for! totally something i would wear. and yes, bib necklaces are a MUST this year.:) good picks!

    much love


  8. I'm not really a necklace person (prefer bracelets) but I've been looking for a big, bold necklace to pair with my simple dresses. The second one is my favorite!

  9. I adore the first necklace. Fabulous post.

  10. I want the first necklace soooo badly. I love this post.

    Have a great day! :)

  11. Thanks! the shoes are from Zara i found them in sales
    Nice ring!! :)

  12. hi love, thanks for the comment. i adore the ring in this post!! it's divine!

    loving your words


  13. I would love to raid MK Olsen's jewelry box. Her collection of rings is amazing and the way she piles them on is decadent and fab!!!

  14. I love all these necklaces! Amazing!

  15. Lovely post ! I love every single piece, couldn't pick a favorite ! :)

  16. ugh...that jewelry is so hot and that ring is FIRE!

  17. I love the ruffle necklace with spikes! I think it might actually make a good DIY project too!

  18. oh i love the studded one!
    i can imagine wearing it with a plain white loose shirt... sigh <3


  19. Those necklaces are amaaaazing!

  20. Hey Emily its Candace - Thanks for the shout out! Love your blog, keep it up!


    Candace Ang

  21. I love the first 2! Great statement pieces indeed!

    jess s//