Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The magic position, darling

The latest editorial offerings from Burberry reminded me of 2007's- the ones with Patrick Wolf. Which reminded me that I still had not downloaded The Bachelor. I'm not sure what my affinity to British, bisexual musicians is about, but he is slowly creeping up to the top of my favorites list.

Nahh, Brian Molko still has that spot. Or Bowie. But regardless, Patrick Wolf is a lovely creature and makes amazing music. And he's not a bad model either!


  1. Burberry's always sharp and chic-- I love the androgynous look of the blonde chick with short short hair. Then, I'm a sucker for short hair. :)

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  4. oh excuse me Burberry. I love what they have going on over here.

  5. These are great pictures! I love how they did their editorial.


  6. this editorial is really cool. thanks for sharing! i hadn't seen it yet.


  7. one of the best Burberry campaigns ever!