Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inspiration for Tuesday

I stupidly registered for 18 credits this semester. So basically if I'm not in class I'm studying, and if I'm not studying I'm working at Macy's making next to nothing. And on top of that I'm searching for summer internships (so if anybody ANYBODY has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.) And I'm sick and tired of all this snow. And how people drive in the snow.

Basically, snow and other drivers make me a homicidal maniac. So you can imagine the deadly combination that the two of these bring.

I cannot wait for this day ^^

Becauseeeee right now I am about knee-deep in snow. Damn you Ohio! [[Damn that ham!]]

This photo ^^ makes me happy. Because it is on the first page of nin.com and THAT means new music/projects from Trent and/or the NIN crew.

Right now this pullover from Anthropologie has caught my eye, and is holding on for dear life (how's THAT for imagery?). The color is lovely, and so are the fluttery chiffon sleeves. I think it would be perfect for spring, and we all know the Spring Fever I have right now.

photos: fffound! & nin.com


  1. I am so tired of the snow, too! I wish you good luck for the rest of the semester!

  2. ugg wish the snow would go the fuck away! I am on my third day of canceled class, getting ridiculous and unproductive

  3. thanks for commenting lovely! that top picture is so lovely, snow boredom indeed. oh & hello tess above me haha.


  4. YES I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT UNTIL WINTER IS DUNZO!! Hate this weather!! We just got blasted with a blizzard today in NY!
    On a positive note:
    I love that pullover and I cant wait to get on a swing and swing away!

  5. The weather in Baltimore is crazed . . . we have like 35 inches of snow on the ground where I live. My birthday is tomorrow and I'm snowed in.

  6. those pics are so cute but ugh, im just so bummed about McQueen. Please commiserate with me, Emily.

  7. i just arrived in NY yesterday and i'm over the snow already - almost had my second flight cancelled!

  8. Inspirational as usual :) I love the sleeves on that pullover, and the colour. I needs me one!