Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm not dead, I promise

Sorry I haven't been around much guys. It's been a busy summer with my internship (which is over now, yay!) plus preparing for my final semester (I graduate in December now, bitches, yay!) Besides, I just haven't been that inspired to blog, unfortunately. But now my favorite season is coming up: fall weather=fall clothes! Nothing inspires me more than perusing the web for fall staples and stand-outs. So, naturally, I had to polyvore it up.

Fall 2010

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it in my net-a-porter email. There is something so cozy about this update on her standard wrap dress. Plus, at $465? That's a steal!

Their lotions and body creams may be too strong for sensitive nose, but I love B&BW shower gels. When I first saw their new fragrance "Forever Sunshine" the cheery colors sort of scared me- usually it means "too flowery" or "too sweet" for my taste, but this one was a lovely blend of apricot, peonies, and praline? I was intrigued. And the "Deep Aqua" scent is definitely my new favorite.

Winter for me always begins with autumn dry skin, ironically on my T-zone. I started using this balm in place of or in addition to my daily moisturizer, especially when my skin feels chapped and sensitive due to windy walks across campus.

Anything draped is perfect for fall, and this is just a stand-out piece. The color is a perfect, rich brown and is so versatile it could be dressed up with killer heels, or dressed down with tights and a cardigan. Love.

What's great about this version of the iconic handbag is that it is NYLON! I'm ecstatic because 1) even though I will probably never own this bag, it's substantially less expensive, and 2) I love fabric bags as opposed to leather. Being a current resident of snowy Ohio, I know how hard I can be on handbags and I feel the nylon version would be much easier to take care of.

I've been lusting over exposed zippers for a couple seasons now, and these are only fueling my obsession. I love that the zipper is somewhat indistinguishable at first glance, such a lovely architectural detail. I'll have to disregard the fact that they are suede and will most surely become destroyed walking through the streets of snowy Kent, but I have a few months until then.

7. Whiskey sours
Nothing warms you up quite like whiskey. And since drinking it straight reminds me of New Years Eve 2008 I like to take it in a more diluted form. Sours are a great way to go to make a kiss-ass drink that isn't so girly. But none of that pre-made sour mix shit. Boyfriend and I make our own with lemon juice and simple syrup. We also add grenadine for a nice splash of flavor- plus it makes our drinks pink!

Edit: Sorry if this post seems so random. I've been reading the humor blog Hyperbole and a Half a lot lately and it seems to put me in a silly mood. Especially when mixed with aforementioned whiskey sours- I'm quite tipsy!