Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No Doubt are back & it's about time

So please excuse the random photo post. I saw No Doubt last night and I'm feeling quite nostalgic, probably because I've been listening to them almost as long as I've listened to NIN (which is a long time). I remember being in elementary school wanting to be Gwen Stefani, in middle and high school wanting to be Gwen Stefani... then she released her solo records and lost a bit of her appeal to me. So needless to say I'm ecstatic that No Doubt are back on the road and soon to be in the studio again, after almost a decade of no new music.

The show last night way awesome, even if I looked like a damn fool being the only sober person on the lawn who was acting so un-sober. Eventually I danced and skanked and thrashed around enough that the people around me spread out and gave me some space to do my thing. I hate going to shows where the people just stand around and barely bob their heads.

After suffering through Paramore and their hoard of 12-year-old Twilight obsessed minions, my band finally came on and blew me away once again. They played a lot of "Tragic Kingdom" and "Return of Saturn" which was nice, and even played a bit of the song "Squeal" causing myself and other old-schoolers to jump around like nut-cases, (even though they didn't actually play the whole song it was just during an intermission of sorts.)

What's so great about Gwen is that she really is a style icon. I've always envied her style and her guts to wear it, with the exception of her brief stint with her Harajuku girls whilst she was going solo. She is one of the only people that can make multiple fashion faux-pas look so great. Who else can pull off a faux-hawk, crazy Rastafarian prints, ripped shirts and bra straps without all the trash and cheese? Better yet, who else can wear their own band tees and still get away with it?

Red-carpet photos: style.com
All other photos: google & the like

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brown's, you are killing me.

Because I shouldn't even be looking at pre-fall jackets and coats! It's just now started feeling like summer! Damn those Brown's emails, if only I wasn't in the know.

Anyway, I'm currently in love with all of these, especially the Preen.

Also, Sweety P at Sweety P Style Files nominated me for this award! She really is a sweetie, plus she is from my hometown (or near it, rather) in Baltimore. I miss it!

I'm passing this award on to a few of my favorite bloggers, who never cease to impress and inspire me:

Nesli & Mi-Ji at Styleseeking Zurich, two of the most stylish bloggers I now know. I'm delighted every time I see a new outfit post in my blog updates.
Eden at Chic in the Tropics, probably the fiercest dresser ever! She can pull off anything.
Frankie at Swell Vintage, she is so creative and talented with her jewelry. One day soon I will buy a piece, I promise!!
Mrs. M at Slacker Chic, for never failing to crack me up almost every day. Her witty posts are so entertaining!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Run away from all your boredom

Run away from all your whoredom and wave
Your worries, cares, good-bye.

Oh hello scrumptious Alice + Olivia creation. I've been dying to meet you!

Lyrics: Placebo

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

IT's Not Over!

JUST when we all thought it was over: the "it" bag that everyone and their mothers' were breaking bank over.  Hermès has done it again, this time with their "Shadow" Birkin bag, and THIS time reaching a lovely 5 figures instead of 4.  This beauty retails at about $11,000 and I really don't know if I should congratulate or shake Jean Paul Gaultier and scream "What the fuck were you thinking?!"  

"My idea was to work around the trompe l'oeil concept with the Birkin," Gaultier, the Hermès designer explained to Harper's Bazaar.  "The flap, straps, and clochette seem to have been chiseled in the raw material, the result of unbelievable craftsmanship."

Okay fine, I guess a congrats is in order.  Because this really is an unbelievable bag, even if it comes with an unbelievable price.

photos: style.com

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

New Marc Jacobs line... thoughts?

The ever-fabulous Marc Jacobs has launched another line called Jacobs by Marc Jacobs, and it consists of cheap accessories, bags, swimsuits, etc.  And I don't know about you but I'm not sure I'd spring for a designer bathing cap.  But maybe that's just me?  I also don't know about the name, "Jacobs by Marc Jacobs" doesn't have nearly as nice of a ring to it as "Marc by Marc Jacobs" does.  Then again it is cheap Marc Jacobs, I really shouldn't be complaining.

The floral tote is cute, and so are the necklaces, but the rest is kinda.... eh.  Not sure what to think yet, so YOUR thoughts would be nice!

P.S.  The Nine Inch Nails show was awesome!  I tried desperately to get backstage passes, first by trying to win them and then Trent & co. launched into a charity campaign to help one of their friends get a heart transplant.  I was waiting to get paid one Friday, and the Wednesday before Trent twitters that they cannot accommodate anymore people backstage!  I didn't know whether to cry or to scream =/  Regardless, it was an awesome show, and if/when they ever come back again hopefully I won't be broke when they start offering backstage passes!

If you'd like to see photos just clicky here.  I don't feel like uploading them again to blogger.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And I'm off!

Just leaving to go see Nine Inch Nails in Pittsburgh (well, Burgettstown, if you'd like specifics.)  Outfit and picture posts tomorrow when I return!

Friday, June 5, 2009

With a noose she could hang from the sun

And put it out with her dark sunglasses.

It's no surprise that I love OAK's clothing- I love the unique shapes, how almost everything is black and white.  So I was rather excited when they launched A.OK, a much cheaper but just as awesome line of snarky unisex clothing and accessories.  Some of my faves:

How clever.

My favorite swear word, again.

Lyrics: Beck

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here's a scale, weigh it out and you'll find easily

More than sufficient doubt that these colors you see
Were picked in advance, by some careful hand
With an absolute concept of beauty.

Christian Louboutin's FW '09/10 campaign couldn't be more ingenious.  Shot by photographer Peter Lippman, they combine Louboutin's collection with fruit, flowers and fine tablewares, reminiscent of the classic still-life paintings of the 18th century.  What could possibly go wrong when you mix art with shoes?  Nothing!  These are stunning.

lyrics: Bright Eyes