Tuesday, June 16, 2009

IT's Not Over!

JUST when we all thought it was over: the "it" bag that everyone and their mothers' were breaking bank over.  Hermès has done it again, this time with their "Shadow" Birkin bag, and THIS time reaching a lovely 5 figures instead of 4.  This beauty retails at about $11,000 and I really don't know if I should congratulate or shake Jean Paul Gaultier and scream "What the fuck were you thinking?!"  

"My idea was to work around the trompe l'oeil concept with the Birkin," Gaultier, the Hermès designer explained to Harper's Bazaar.  "The flap, straps, and clochette seem to have been chiseled in the raw material, the result of unbelievable craftsmanship."

Okay fine, I guess a congrats is in order.  Because this really is an unbelievable bag, even if it comes with an unbelievable price.

photos: style.com


  1. As much as I love the 'it' bags I wont budge and wont purchase them, I am more of a classic girl and prefer style over trends. But I of course love this Hermès!


  2. hmmmmm... the birkin will always be great, but im not sure about the humour or the motive behind the "embedded" details.. i'd rather go for the real straps and closures. but still, its fantastic!

    much love


  3. wow the bag looks amazing but 11 000!!? crazy... x

  4. I think the same as Eden. If I were to spend that much money on a bag, I'll go with the original Birkin! :)


  5. The "IT" bag every fashionsta wants to own. And by God's grace someone will give it to me as a gift...hee hee!

  6. Seems a little too gimmicky for me. If I'm gonna for a Hermes, I'll go for the real classic. But still, exquisite craftsmanship!