Monday, November 30, 2009

What I wore: Thanksgiving

satin dress- H&M; cardigan- American Eagle

My outfit for Thanksgiving. Please excuse the shoddy photos, and the treadmill in the background hah! I found it more appropriate to wear a dress instead of pants because since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I knew I'd be engorging myself with massive amounts of food.

Also, this dress DEFINITELY does not fit me anymore (in the boob area, damn you BC pills) and I've only worn it a few times. So if anyone is interested in it, I will probably be putting it up for sale in the shop, it has a cute sash as well.

I'm hoping to be blogging a bit more now that classes are winding down, instead of only making 5 posts a month =/

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you a very happy- and fashionable! - Thanksgiving by linking you to some ah-MAY-zing Black Friday deals (some starting today!) So don't forget to stay fabulous whilst you stuff yourselves today =)

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm going to get in trouble.

If Jessica Simpson did anything right, it was launch her shoe collection.

So, when I accepted the job at Macy's womens' shoe department a few weeks ago, I thought I'd be just fine as to not blow my entire paycheck on shoes. You see, handbags are my weakness, not shoes like a lot of women. HOWEVER, we just got a shipment of these lovelies a few days ago, and I've been trying to justify why I would need them in my life- they are super comfortable; they could be worn in the warmer months with skirts and cut-offs or in the chillier months with textured tights; they are casual yet could be dressed up easily, etc. etc.

See? How could I not pass these babies up?? It would be ridiculous NOT to =P

Monday, November 9, 2009

Serious Cravings

Serious cravings

Clockwise from top left:
1. Silence & Noise Pamela coat, $168.00
I have never felt the urge to wear a faux fur coat. Until this year. And now I want one with a vengeance. I have no idea what has come over me, maybe all of the MK&A photos circulating the blogosphere, but I definitely feel the need to obtain a faux fur coat. I love this one, especially, for the vintagey feel.

2. Preen Line Fountain cotton jersey dress, $350.00
I already blogged about this one in the previous post. Originally I went nuts over the grey, but lately I've been more interested in navy blue as opposed to my normal black and grey. So the navy blue seems like an obvious choice, and much more elegant than the grey.

3. Chanel nail laquer in Jade, & China Glaze polish in Black Diamond
Ever since the Fall 2009 show I've been obsessing over this color! And the Black Diamond color is really a charcoal grey shimmer, which is a nice alternative to my traditional black creme polish that usually adorns my fingernails. (I have them painted this color right now.)

4. American Eagle studded sweater, $69.50
I tried this on in the store and it is so soft! Plus, how can you go wrong with brass studs on a vanilla-hued sweater?! I'm seriously missing my AE discount right about now.

5. Sam Edelman boots, $350.00
Seriously, who ISN'T craving these right now?

6. Starbucks Gingerbread (soy) latte
These are my JAM! Every November I anxiously await for these to arrive- they are my sustenance all winter long.

7. Reiss Acqua embellished tee, $155.00
I'm all about sequins right now, I love how versatile they are. You could wear this tee with jeans and chucks or boots, or you could dress it up with a boyfriend blazer and trousers. Plus the color is gorgeous, I'm definitely feeling the pale pinks this season.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Preen Line @

Preen is a line that I have more recently begun obsessing over- it all started with their coats and drapey details. The duo behind the style-savvy line has released an exclusive collection for Net-A-Porter, appropriately titled Preen Line; a more affordable collection for the online retailer. First launched in February 2008 at Copenhagen Fashion Week, we can expect the same impeccable taste and quality in Preen Line as we do from its big sister. Only at much more budget-friendly prices.

The capsule collection features elegantly draped and structured pieces, exposed zippers and architectural details; mostly in grey, black, navy and soft pink. This so has my name written all over it.

But hurry- this line is already selling out fast!

Oil PVC pants; $760.00

(Also comes in a gorgeous navy blue)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Gossip Girl Halloween

Me and sister, as Serena and Blair. As it turned out, it didn't even really look like I dressed up. In fact, we passed a few guys who said to us "You girls look good. Did you dress up as yourselves?" to which my sister promptly replied "If I dressed like this everyday, something would be wrong!"

I did pencil a little mole on my cheek though, in complete Serena/Blake fashion.

And in case you were wondering:
blazer- Urban Outfitters; tee & jeans- Old Navy; necklace- Target; boots- Aldo