Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can you tell I'm ready for summer?

It's a little too late to be making Christmas wish lists... or is it? Regardless, I love all of these items. And they are all reasonably priced. The coral cuff looks so edgy but classy, I love the sandals but can't really decide if I like them better in black or ivory, and who doesn't need a sheer pocket tee? OR a cute lip-gloss locket pin?!

I think the only thing I'd ACTUALLY put on my Christmas wish list would be Robin Finck. This photo is my background on my macbook. Can I get a "yum," please? Kthnxxx

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Erika from Fashion Chalet

I recently had to write a research paper for my Fashion & Pop Culture class- on anything in recent pop culture that we think impacts fashion in some way... So I decided to do mine on fashion bloggers and how they have influenced the fashion industry and its marketing techniques.

I found tons of information and articles, but what I really wanted was a personal perspective. So I turned to Erika of Fashion Chalet and she graciously granted me a quick e-mail interview to use, which was very helpful. I just love Fashion Chalet, it really was the blog that inspired me to start my own.

Reasons why I ♥ her:
1. She has ridiculously long hair.
2. She has impeccable style.
3. She owns the Sam Edelman booties.
4. Her food tweets make me super hungry.
5. Despite being featured in magazines like Lucky, Glamour, and on websites like Urban Outfitters and Modcloth, she continues to be flattered, humble, and incredibly sweet.

The Interview:

Me- Do you think fashion bloggers have more of an impact on the fashion and retail industry?

Erika- Yes I do. Only because I personally follow a lot of Inspirational Photo blogs.. (Knightcat, Little Plastic Horses, Stardust and Sequins & Fashion-Canvas) whose personal style easily flow out through their posts and I am seeing more and more stores sprouting out these same basic ideas of a new fashion "language" into their everyday clothing and accessory items. A very cool notion indeed!

Me- You've been featured in magazines like Lucky, Glamour, etc. How did/do you feel when you find out a huge magazine has mentioned you as a style influence?

Erika- Incredibly flattered. To think that only a handful of years ago I was longingly looking through the pages of these magazines, getting inspired and falling in love-- not knowing one day they might feature something about me within their pages or blog.

Me- You recently teamed up with Coach for a giveaway on your blog- who contacted who or how did the giveaway come about?

Erika- I was contacted by them. Karen Robinovitz (who is behind the ingenious glosses Skinny Hips, Big Lips for Purple Lab) is working with them and suggested me to the Coach team :)

Me- Have you been invited to any promotional events for a retailer/fashion show/etc?

Erika- I was recently invited to New York City for a VIP shopping experience by TJ Maxx/Marshalls. I got to tour the city for the first time, stay in a hotel mid-Manhattan and eat in 2 days as much as I normally would in a week. I was treated very nicely, and I hope I treated the City back just as nicely. New York, I love you! ;)

Me- Since I really don't have anymore specific questions, is there anything else you'd like to add about fashion bloggers, blogging, the fashion industry, etc?

Erika- I find that blogging is not only this great pool of inspiration to pull from, but also a very positive "secret world" to retreat to and learn and grow from as well.

So thanks Erika (again) for the interview! And if you have not already visited Fashion Chalet- WHERE have you been?! and get your asses over there right now!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rodarte, Rodarte

Okay, I've never been one of those people who continually lust over Rodarte, but I can guarantee I will be blowing a sweet amount of money on the girls' collection for Target. The cardigans? I dieeeeeeee

To preview the complete collection, available December 20, go to (and be sure to check out their flickr page for full sized photos)

Chanel Pre-Fall 2010

Pre-Fall is my favorite season (or, rather, non-season) and I think it's because most designers come up with the most gorgeous layers, luxurious fabrics, richest colors. But doesn't it feel a bit early, Karl, to release your Pre-Fall collection for 2010 already? Seeing as though we aren't even into 2010 yet?

No matter, the collection is gorgeous. Titled "Paris Shanghai, A Fantasy," it tells Karl's own imagined story of Coco Chanel's trip to China. The signature tweeds are here, but with a bit of a twist. I love the obvious Asian influences, and the colors. I was so ready for spring and summer, but now I want fall all over again.

Here are some of my favorites:

source: (click for more info and more photos)