Thursday, February 26, 2009

Emily wants gladiators

I want a pair of gladiators (or equivalent) for summer.  But being as picky as I am I have a couple specifications; 1) I want them in black, and 2) the footbed and soles have to be soft.  In other words they can't be what I like to call floor-clappers, shoes that supposedly have a rubber sole but they sound like plastic and snap the floor annoyingly when you walk.  You know what I'm talking about, kind of like these:

Uh-uh, none of that.  They need to be silent, or as close to silent as possible when I walk.

If I had $500+ I would buy these Pedro Garcias, because they look like they have Birkenstock soles, and I love my Birks!  But alas, they are just a tad out of my price range...

I also LOVE the style of gladiator sandals that have the covered heel.

I know these aren't gladiators, but I absolutely love them anyway.

They also come in this sweet-ass chartreuse color!

Again, slightly too expensive for my being a broke-ass college student, but I am in love with these L.A.M.B. 'Fatin' gladiators, $295.00

So if anyone else has more ideas of black, non-slappy gladiator-ish sandals that are between $50 and $200, please let me know!

Deserted Island

This photo has nothing to do with this post, but when I googled "chapstick" it came up.  So I thought I would post it 'cause who doesn't love ferrets?

The lovely Mrs. M at Slacker Chic has tagged me, thus banishing me to a desert island (damn her! Lolz)  The challenge?

"Your ship has sunk.  You have, of course, been stranded on a deserted island.  You have salvaged a copy of the King James Version of the Bible and a copy of the complete works of Shakespeare.  Nothing else.  The very next day you find one of those Arabian Lamps in the sand.  Of course, you rub it and, of course, a rather grumpy Genie appears.  'Let's get this straight- there is a recession going on.  There are restrictions on the three wishes now.  I don't do water or air transport now so no boats, planes or magic carpets.  As for electronics, forget it.  There isn't the infrastructure on this island.  I can let you have one book and I mean one VOLUME, one essential item and one luxury item.  Now hurry up and make your choices, I have to get to those five other islands you are going to nominate!"

Book? The World According to Garp by John Irving, hands down.  I'd be quite content with that and Shakespeare PLUS there is no way I could choose just one Harry Potter book (unless I got lucky and they had all of them in one ginormous volume.)

Essential item?  Chapstick, definitely.  With plenty of SPF- I can handle getting sunburnt because I eventually tan, but I hate when my lips are chapped and burnt!

Luxury item?  A lifetime supply of toothpaste and toothbrushes.  I don't think I could deal with losing my teeth on a deserted island plus I can't go a day without brushing my teeth at least twice.

Aaannnddd I'm going to nominate:

Indie.Tea at Darjeeling Dreams
Frankie at Swell Vintage

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Gorilla Love

Coco over at Coco's Tea Party already made a post on the Giles Deacon collection, but I love these photos and couldn't resist posting them.  You gotta love the sweet combination of soft (gorilla?) fur and sharp spikey spikes!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Oscar's Fashion Post

Seriously, there is going to be a shit-ton of these posts today, so I figured I would just keep mine short and sweet and just post the ensembles that I *loved.*

Favorite couple was of course Brad (in Tom Ford) and Angelina (in Elie Saab.)  I love her dress, it's so simple and elegant, but my favorite is the Lorraine Schwartz jewels- I absolutely love the green with the all black!  Perfection.

My favorite best-dressed man is (always) Mickey Rourke, in Jean Paul Gaultier.  I really thought he was a shoe-in for Best Actor *cries* but I'm happy that Sean Penn won.  Loved his acceptance speech, too.

I really don't even remember seeing Evan Rachel Wood  last night, so I'm glad I found her on  I'm glad she's back to her more elegant-glam rather than her goth-glam when she was with Manson *shudders.*  She looks better blonde.  Yet another stellar Elie Saab number!

Marisa Tomei came awfully close to being lumped into the shiny, silvery-white bridal category, but the fun pleating in this Versace gown was her saving grace.  She really did look stunning.

Josh Brolin and Diane Lane, both in Dolce & Gabbana, looked amazing as well!

LOVED Natalie Portman in this Rodarte dress!  No one else could pull off this color, plus it was a nice change from all the *bridal-wear* (Penelope Cruz?!) we saw everywhere last night.  Okay, so I pretty much love Natalie in anything, but she looked gorgeous =)

I love Tilda Swinton more and more each time I see her, and I loved her in Lanvin last night.  It was a perfect match!

Last but not least Sean Penn (in Armani) and Robin Wright Penn (in Monique Lhuillier) almost beat Brad and Angie for my best-dressed couple.  It really just came down to the jewelry, I'm afraid.  I actually like Sean's tux better than Brad's so maybe I'll just trade...

So I'm pretty bummed enraged that Frost/Nixon won NOTHING.  That really was the best film I've seen in a long time, and it really got robbed last night.  I know it was pretty hard to choose a Best Actor, between Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke and Frank Langella, but Langella's Richard Nixon was so spot on.  And it SHOULD have won for best picture, at the very least Ron Howard should have walked away with Best Directing.  Slumdog Millionaire was a great movie, but not THAT great.  

I think what annoys me most about the Academy Awards is that there is always that one film that sweeps everything when there are so many other much more deserving films.  Like last year with No Country for Old Men- again, a great film, but There Will Be Blood was much more AMAZING!  At least Daniel Day Lewis got best actor.  Just because a picture is getting votes in other categories, doesn't mean you have to vote for it in everything!

And my rant ends here =)


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Balenciaga gorilla arms... We have found your feet.

They were hiding at the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 show!

I absolutely love this line.  I love the NYC Ballet meets hobo chic meets Pippi Longstocking; so appropriate for fall.  The black one-shouldered satin dress is my favorite.  And the tights are fabulous, especially the patchwork-looking ones!

As for the boys, anyone else reminded of Robert Pattinson in The Bad Mother's Handbook?  The shoes especially, although you cannot see them in any of these photos.  Bummer.

This is why we heart Marc =)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A week's worth of inspiration

Important Linkage (must-sees):
Iris van Herpen @ If I'ts Hip, I'ts Here
Markus Pierson @ The Contessa Gallery in Lyndhurst, OH

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I've been tagged!! (slash) Happy Valentine's Day

Remember this ad?  It's always been one of my favorites.

The wonderful Ursula at Thoughts of an Urban Fab Addict tagged me.  So I guess that means I should answer =P

Describe your personal style:  Very laid-back and hippie.  With some rockstar thrown in for good measure ;)  Lots of grey, black and white.

What are the staples in your wardrobe?  Straight leg jeans, not too skinny; oversized tees, band tees, guy's v-neck tees, lots of tees; black cashmere sweater and/or cardigan; organic cotton leggings and hot black liquid leggings; converse chuck taylors; ballet flats; sandals; && scarves!!

What's your signature look?  Dark slim jeans or black leggings with an oversized band tee or a tee with some smart-ass comment, printed scarf, converse or hippie/jesus sandals, huge-ass slouchy leather bag, huge-ass sunglasses, huge-ass smile on my face.  (Or you can just click here)

What inspires you?  Mostly music.  It inspires my style, my art, my life =)

Who is your fashion muse?  Oh jeez, lots.  Jenny Lewis, Zooey Deschanel, Ashley Olsen, Alexa Chung, Rachel Bilson, David Bowie... I like to pick and choose from each.

Favorite purchase of all time:  My Sabina bag from URBN.  I carry it every damn day.

Biggest splurge?  Probably said Sabina bag (woah Emily, such a big spender!)

What's your beauty routine?  Olive oil face cleanser, moisturizer, a dab of tinted moisturizer (my skin is very dry), Benefit Georgia peach powder, Burt's Bees lip balm and TONS of black mascara.

What jewelry do you never take off?  Jade earrings my boyfriend gave me for my 21st birthday.

What are you wishing for?  World peace.  And every garment Proenza Schouler ever made.

What are your obsessions?  Music, coffee, and this.

Now, who shall I tag?  Hmmm...  I think I will tag Frankie at Swell Vintage!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Three Words

So I'm pretty excited for tonight because, instead of going to see Friday the 13th like I'm sure a lot of people, sister and I are going to see TWILIGHT.  It's going to be fun because it's what Kent State's rec center refers to as a "Dive-In Movie"- the film is going to be projected above the pool and we will all be floating around in tubes and rafts as opposed to uncomfortable cinema seats.  Sounds exciting... right?  Or lame?

Moving on.  Those Hefty trash bag commercials are hilarious and always get stuck in my head (you know the ones; the "HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY!  wimpy wimpy wimpy!)  Anyway, it inspired this post.  Just when you thought I was a complete crackhead.

Image Hosted by

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!
MK in Interview magazine (and Balenciaga!!)

Image Hosted by

Creepy Creepy Creepy!
Models for McQueen's Target line?!

Image Hosted by

Cozy Cozy Cozy!
Tankus cropped sleeve belted coat

Image Hosted by

Nifty Nifty Nifty!
Calendar inspired by lottery scratch-offs!

Image Hosted by

Striking Striking Striking!
Tilda Swinton on the cover of AnOther magazine

Image Hosted by

Crazy Crazy Crazy!
Robert Pattinson as Salvador DalĂ­!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

? ? ?
Not sure what to make of Rachel Roy's Fall 2009 collection.  Thoughts?  (Oh, and the styling reminds me of YSL's Fall 2008 collection, no?)