Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For the birds. Excuse me, I mean, bees.

This is one of the most interesting and beautiful jewelry concepts I have ever seen.  It's a honey-comb necklace hand crafted by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, and while the necklace itself is unique the "packaging" is most unusual.

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The alarming en masse disappearance of honeybees worldwide is the inspiration for The Abandoned Comb Amulet.

Each amulet is one of a kind, and handcrafted from actual honeycombs sculpted by bees on a rooftop hive in Brooklyn.  It is quite a lengthy process to construct the amulet; each piece is harvested and using the ancient "lost wax" technique, the honeycomb wax is ultimately destroyed, leaving an exact 18k gold replica behind.

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The idea behind this amulet is "a bittersweet collaboration with nature," with each individual pendant broken down from a greater whole.  Once the necklace is complete it is encased in a sugar-glass pyramid.  What is most interesting to me is the narrative that accompanies each piece; "The Abandoned Comb Amulet is defined by a Solomonic dilemma"- either the owner chooses to forcefully destroy the amulet's casing, or he or she can choose to recognize value in its current form and allow the casing to naturally deteriorate revealing the pendant inside.

Good things come to those who wait.

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  1. that is truely a work of art.

  2. wow that *is* very interesting. Sounds uber expensive!

    and yes i know, walmart! None of their clothes fit me but every once in a while - good fabric find.