Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deserted Island

This photo has nothing to do with this post, but when I googled "chapstick" it came up.  So I thought I would post it 'cause who doesn't love ferrets?

The lovely Mrs. M at Slacker Chic has tagged me, thus banishing me to a desert island (damn her! Lolz)  The challenge?

"Your ship has sunk.  You have, of course, been stranded on a deserted island.  You have salvaged a copy of the King James Version of the Bible and a copy of the complete works of Shakespeare.  Nothing else.  The very next day you find one of those Arabian Lamps in the sand.  Of course, you rub it and, of course, a rather grumpy Genie appears.  'Let's get this straight- there is a recession going on.  There are restrictions on the three wishes now.  I don't do water or air transport now so no boats, planes or magic carpets.  As for electronics, forget it.  There isn't the infrastructure on this island.  I can let you have one book and I mean one VOLUME, one essential item and one luxury item.  Now hurry up and make your choices, I have to get to those five other islands you are going to nominate!"

Book? The World According to Garp by John Irving, hands down.  I'd be quite content with that and Shakespeare PLUS there is no way I could choose just one Harry Potter book (unless I got lucky and they had all of them in one ginormous volume.)

Essential item?  Chapstick, definitely.  With plenty of SPF- I can handle getting sunburnt because I eventually tan, but I hate when my lips are chapped and burnt!

Luxury item?  A lifetime supply of toothpaste and toothbrushes.  I don't think I could deal with losing my teeth on a deserted island plus I can't go a day without brushing my teeth at least twice.

Aaannnddd I'm going to nominate:

Indie.Tea at Darjeeling Dreams
Frankie at Swell Vintage


  1. Well, whadayaknoooo?? I knew you were gonna pick me for this tag!!! lol
    I love the picture of the ferret. How cute!
    Damn, this is gonna be a challenge. lol.

  2. oohhh wow, i better start thinking! i love that ferret x

  3. Omg That furret is the cutest. I have one, her name is Abygail. They are the funniest aminal to look at.

    Lovely blog and thanks for the sweet comment!

  4. the toothbrush is exactly what i think of when i watch Survivor. i would totally be making my own toothbrush McGyver style.