Sunday, February 8, 2009

Summer Soundtrack

So I had a yoga class this morning.  I hate working out in the traditional sense and I've done yoga before so this seemed like a good option for me.  However, it totally kicked my ass!  I find it amazing how a sequence of poses and controlled breathing gives you almost a better workout than just going to the gym.  Loved it!

It's a lazy Sunday and I'm being a bum.  I'm trying to study for my French exam but it isn't working out too well.  It got up to 50 degrees (fahrenheit) this weekend and the snow is finally melting, but it's supposed to snow again this week!  Damn you, Cleveland weather, damn you to hell!  Where the hell is global warming when you need it?

On a snowday last week I made a series of polyvores based on music albums that I like to bust out in the warmer months.  Because I was that bored.

Summer Soundtrack: Track One

Summer Soundtrack: Track Two

Summer Soundtrack: Track Three

Summer Soundtrack: Track Four

Summer Soundtrack: Track Five


  1. I cant either !! haha but i loveee the tattoo :)
    I love your Blog, click my page & follow my blog ! xoxox

  2. I love polyvore! :) how did you find my blog? sorry its just started..

  3. Great looks - good use of Chanel x

  4. nice sets, the of montreal one is my favorite. I wish it was summer already.

  5. yoga totally kicks my ass as well! But I'm always pleasantly surprised at how awesome and bendy I feel after doing yoga regularly for a few weeks. I feel like gumby.

  6. youre polyvores are wow!! it made me want things i never knew i wanted! :O! thanks for the comment btw, wanna swap links ? :)

  7. that second one you made is pretty much my everyday uniform. So naturally, i love it!

  8. Great looks, And love your blog

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