Thursday, February 26, 2009

Emily wants gladiators

I want a pair of gladiators (or equivalent) for summer.  But being as picky as I am I have a couple specifications; 1) I want them in black, and 2) the footbed and soles have to be soft.  In other words they can't be what I like to call floor-clappers, shoes that supposedly have a rubber sole but they sound like plastic and snap the floor annoyingly when you walk.  You know what I'm talking about, kind of like these:

Uh-uh, none of that.  They need to be silent, or as close to silent as possible when I walk.

If I had $500+ I would buy these Pedro Garcias, because they look like they have Birkenstock soles, and I love my Birks!  But alas, they are just a tad out of my price range...

I also LOVE the style of gladiator sandals that have the covered heel.

I know these aren't gladiators, but I absolutely love them anyway.

They also come in this sweet-ass chartreuse color!

Again, slightly too expensive for my being a broke-ass college student, but I am in love with these L.A.M.B. 'Fatin' gladiators, $295.00

So if anyone else has more ideas of black, non-slappy gladiator-ish sandals that are between $50 and $200, please let me know!


  1. what a great post! I was thinking last night about gladiators shoes due to the impending warmer weather. these are all fab-espacially the L.A.M.B ones. Her shoes are always so hot. Expensive, but hot.

  2. I love the LAMB ones and the Deena & Ozzy ones! I know what you mean about 'slappy floor' types. They just feel so cheap.

  3. I WANT A PAIR OF GLADIATORS TOOO!!! I love those Dolce Vita Athena sandals. Those are simple. If I was to get a pair I dont want anything tooo over the top. Great post.

    P.S.-Lmao about the word favorite. DAMN TYPOS! *squints eyes and shakes fist*

  4. I like almost all of them but personally I don't mind (if not like) when they're not so silent.. :)



  5. Those sandals are great and I cant wait for the summer, thanks for your lovely comment and for stopping by.
    See you soon

  6. O, I absolutely agree with you about the silent soles. Except for the first pair, all of those sandals are gorgeous. Pedro Garcia's shoes always look so stylish and comfortable.

  7. Those L.A.M.B. 'Fatin' gladiators are beautiful!

  8. Oh these are just darling! I can't wait to wear mine when spring arrives!

  9. love them all!!!
    Very good pick:)

  10. I really like the yellow pair - but I don't think I would wear them.

  11. i agree that clapper shoes can be painful/annoying.
    and i especially love the dolce vitas!


  12. oh i totally love the first ones!!
    so simple and elegant! love it.
    and thanks so much for your sweet comment : )

    MiJi <3

  13. I love gladiators<3 I need to buy myself a new pair this summer:))))

  14. I so get what you mean about the sole!!! It so annoying! Especially if the people wearring them don't even lift their feet high enough when they I love the flashing chartruse one, so unexpected.


  15. Ohhh what a great selection! x

  16. "The price of your choice is expensive, but they were one of the best gladiator sandals. Maybe you can save more to have them instead of buying a much lower price. Love the Dolce Vita Ellie sandal, I think it blends with shorts and cheapest juicy handbags, and very stylish."