Monday, March 2, 2009

Damn you marketing reports!

Damn you to hell! 
*shakes fist!!*

So as you can tell I have to construct a marketing report for my merchandising presentations class.  I don't necessarily mind writing marketing reports (however, I've never actually written one.  But I've never minded writing papers) but it's irritating when in all the databases I search I cannot find the company I want to research!

In my class I have an accessories company and the object is to make a report and in it compare my company to other (existing) competitors.  My accessory is scarves! and I wanted to use A Peace Treaty as one of my companies.  But since it isn't a HUGE ass company I cannot find it.  

And they have such beautiful scarves!

Image Hosted by

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I guess I'll just have to settle for using all the same boring companies that every "Abercrombie-&-VS Pink sweatpants tucked into Uggs-wearing-I-only-go-to-fashion-school-cause-I-think-it's-easy-and-cause-I-dress-nicely-in-clothes-daddy-can-pay-for-even-though-I-really-have-no-fucking-clue-about-fashion" student in my class is going to use.  Like Louis Vuitton and Coach.  Blah.

For now I shall calm myself to some *quieter* Nine Inch Nails:

La Mer

et il est un jour arrivé
marteler el ciel
et marteler la mer

et la mer avait embrassé moi
et la délivré moi de ma caille

rien ne peut m'arreter mantenant

and when the day arrives
i'll become the sky
and i'll become the sea

and the sea will come to kiss me
for i am going home

nothing can stop me now

Edit: I really REALLY wanted you guys to hear this song.  Not all NIN is dark and noisy.


  1. OMG...That was the BEST RANT!! And it is SOOO true!!! *shakes fist at Ugg Boots*
    Love the scarves at the top. I love that black and blue striped one.

  2. I want to run into the sea. It looks so good in that pic.

  3. So many great scarf!!!

    Thanks for the sweet comment!!


  4. I've never heard this song before. I really adore the Charles Trenet song (La Mer) though. And those scarves are lovely.

  5. You're description of classmates is hilarious and so very true. I'm a merchandising major so I can't say that for my classes (it's literally a fashion show every corner you turn) but I know exactly what you're saying (you know, for the engineering majors, ha!). Hope your presentation came out perfect!
    Great blog, xox

  6. oh wow, those scarves are lush! x