Monday, March 23, 2009

It's too early to come up with a witty title

Or search for song lyrics.

Louis Verdad presented his Louver collection at downtown LA's fashion week in a gallery upstairs in the Museum of Contemporary Art.  The entire 21-piece collection was presented on mannequins which is neat! and for the most part (save 1 0r 2 pieces) it was entirely black.  Okay so all black is rather boring, and this is coming from someone whose wardrobe is about half black and grey.  BUT there were some interesting pieces that made his collection not entirely flawed.

For a collection truly Goth-inspired, complete with spikes and leather, I like how he keeps us guessing with some sophisticated basics, like LBDs and great day wear.

AND I love how the pieces ranged from space-age and modern to very vintage, like the frock on the right.

And I truly adore the detail on the back of this coat, it gives and unexpected twist to a somewhat drab and dated all black pantsuit.

I also liked Verdad's nod to the strong shoulder.  It's not quite as sophisticated as Balmain, sure, but a fun bolero-jacket, nonetheless =)

"I wanted to keep it edgy without making it trashy," he said of the Paco Rabanne and John Galliano-inspired collection (no way.)  "Dita Von Teese is my muse."

So  I give it an A for effort.  We have seen all black before, but Verdad delivered some great silhouettes and details.  However I mark some points off for the awful over-the-knee slouchy shiny boots we've seen everywhere for being just plain fug.  I'll be glad when those go away.

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  1. Great post. Yeah...those boots are kind of saggy...besides that the outfits and details are awesome. Especially on the back of that jacket.

  2. It looks pretty interesting, although I've looked at so many black clothes in the last four weeks they're all just blending into one.

  3. this collection is very yohji yamamoto.

  4. So stunning, I'm seriously trying to get over my addiction with black, but it's so chic. It's just the top color. Edgy and sophisticated the same time.