Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Balenciaga gorilla arms... We have found your feet.

They were hiding at the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 show!

I absolutely love this line.  I love the NYC Ballet meets hobo chic meets Pippi Longstocking; so appropriate for fall.  The black one-shouldered satin dress is my favorite.  And the tights are fabulous, especially the patchwork-looking ones!

As for the boys, anyone else reminded of Robert Pattinson in The Bad Mother's Handbook?  The shoes especially, although you cannot see them in any of these photos.  Bummer.

This is why we heart Marc =)


  1. lmao! I love the title!!
    I can definatley see the resemblence from the movie to the Marc Jacobs mens collection. I do heart Marc Jacobs soo much.

  2. honestly those tights are beyond delicious. I would never wear pants again if i had them.
    and imho, his is one of the only menswear lines that can actually be worn. i mean, i love John Galliano as much as the next gal, but his is totally exemplary of how unrealistic men's fashion always looks on the runway.
    oh, and rag and bone too. They make possibly the best in menswear.

  3. naww i love marc too!!!
    he always have a great collection!

    Much Love.

  4. A striking yet wearable collection - I love it ever so much x

  5. Ha ha I dare you to buy the arms and feet and wear them together.

  6. haha the title really says it all, so true!