Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brown's, you are killing me.

Because I shouldn't even be looking at pre-fall jackets and coats! It's just now started feeling like summer! Damn those Brown's emails, if only I wasn't in the know.

Anyway, I'm currently in love with all of these, especially the Preen.

Also, Sweety P at Sweety P Style Files nominated me for this award! She really is a sweetie, plus she is from my hometown (or near it, rather) in Baltimore. I miss it!

I'm passing this award on to a few of my favorite bloggers, who never cease to impress and inspire me:

Nesli & Mi-Ji at Styleseeking Zurich, two of the most stylish bloggers I now know. I'm delighted every time I see a new outfit post in my blog updates.
Eden at Chic in the Tropics, probably the fiercest dresser ever! She can pull off anything.
Frankie at Swell Vintage, she is so creative and talented with her jewelry. One day soon I will buy a piece, I promise!!
Mrs. M at Slacker Chic, for never failing to crack me up almost every day. Her witty posts are so entertaining!


  1. These coats are amazing! Congrats on the award.

  2. Emily, you are so very sweet and kind! This is my first EVER blog award! Thank you so much.

    Also, these coats are gorgeous!


  3. preen is also my faveourite, btw nice blog :)

  4. Lovely coats! I wish I could have all three!

  5. that navy Preen coat is to die for!
    and thank you Emily for your kind words! You are the bestest!

  6. Emily thanks a lot for giving us an award and for your sweet words, we feel very flattered!!! Hope we will continue to inspire you in the future with our outfit posts! :)

    I am amazed how beautiful the coats you selected are. Especially the first black one and the navy Preen are my favourites, but probably a bit too dressy for me. Not that I would have the money to buy one of them, but hopefully someday I don't have to buy a functional coat for winter and just go buy away whatever I like.. :)

    <3 Nesli

  7. I did some fall shopping today! feeling so guilty but the collections are beautiful. I think your header is fantastic, they are the best most glamorous couple!

  8. awwwwwww E. i am beyond flattered with your recognition. sigh do i deserve it?! thanks anyway.:) btw... totally love roksanda's, and preen's is just so hot and sleek as well!

    much love


  9. i did not know you were from BMore! That is my old stomping grounds and where most of my friends back home reside.

  10. Congrats!!!!!

    Love all the coats


  11. Gosh these coat are so expensives :s The first one makes me think of a men housecoat more than a woman coat. lol. :)

  12. what is this fall fever? and even before a real heat wave?

    im not judging. i dreampt of snow last night. :(

  13. I am definitely in luv with the last coat but these are all sooooo gorgeous!! :)

  14. I felt in love with the belted "felix" coat...the shape and material are awesome! Its kinda inspired by japanese kimonos, which I adore.