Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here's a scale, weigh it out and you'll find easily

More than sufficient doubt that these colors you see
Were picked in advance, by some careful hand
With an absolute concept of beauty.

Christian Louboutin's FW '09/10 campaign couldn't be more ingenious.  Shot by photographer Peter Lippman, they combine Louboutin's collection with fruit, flowers and fine tablewares, reminiscent of the classic still-life paintings of the 18th century.  What could possibly go wrong when you mix art with shoes?  Nothing!  These are stunning.

lyrics: Bright Eyes


  1. I adore it, it has such an arty vibe to it. I would love to have one of these as a painting in my own house!


  2. I like the idea of making the ads into painting. I think it's lovely.

  3. that is such an amazing idea. when i was youn i used to paint still life. now that i can incorporate shoes and pursues in it it makes me want to start painting again.

  4. you're absolutely right, this is sheer genius. i love the realist paintings, the artist truly did justice to the shoes, as well as the mood of the collection!

    btw, now that i think about it.. i don't actually remember seeing an actual CL ad campaign with a model and all.. have you?

    much love


  5. They look like paintings, from Caravaggio in my opinion. Just gorgeous!

  6. still-life and heels..wow that is certainly unique. got to love that.

    have a wonderful day!

    mi ji <3

  7. great post! the paintings remind me of those i saw in rijksmuseum in amsterdam... x

  8. These are really pretty. Louboutin is my favourite shoe designer. I adore him.

  9. I already saw it 100 times and still love it.

    The idea is simply genius!