Sunday, May 31, 2009

"We're not buying it"

Or whatever the new catch-phrase is.

So, I've been watching bits and pieces of The Fashion Show, Bravto TV's replacement for Project Runway, but there was a mini-marathon on this morning so I watched the whole thing while my boyfriend slept.  My first impression prior to watching the show was that it was going to be a blatant rip-off of one of my favorite reality shows ever.  I guess I'm correct in some ways, I mean it basically consists of the same format of PR and all the other Bravo shows. but there are some noticeable differences as well.

The first few episodes the group was divided into small teams of 4 or 5 designers, and since it's called The Fashion Show, I found this appropriate- each team had a cohesive "collection" of sorts, which I found pretty neat.  And then each winning piece is sold in limited quantities on which is great for an up-and-coming designer.

HOWEVER, what has disappointed me the most are the designers themselves.  To me, they just don't compare to the caliber of designers that were on Runway.  I mean, some of the designers on here have straight up confessed that they have hardly ever sewn garments themselves, that they have just had other people sew for them.  Do you really think Heidi or Tim Gunn would find this acceptable?  Hell no.  Technicalities aside, I'm just really not impressed with a lot of the concepts behind the designs.  Everything just seems sub-par to me.  Take a gander at the pieces that have won so far:




Getting better...

But I really think they only thing that I would buy so far are the vegan wedge boots that Johnny designed.  And if I had $299.00 I probably would, I think they are hella cute.  But this is also one of the, ahem, designers that confessed that they just do not sew.  I can understand being the concept and brains behind design, but almost every contestant on Runway had excellent craftsmanship as well as amazing creativity, which is what you need to succeed in this industry.
(HellOOOOOOO Christian!)

Plus, as much as I like Isaac Mizrahi, he and an ex-Destiny's Child just do NOT cut it after Heidi and Tim.  I'm very much looking forward to whenever Runway decides to show up on Lifetime.

P.S.  Oh and BTW, my previous post was my 100th post!  Go me! =)


  1. I 100% agree! It does not even measure up to Project Runway!


  2. I def agree! What the heck does Kelly Rowland know about fashion? Just because you sit front row at fashion shows does not make you a fashion expert. Some of the designs are great, but it doesn't compare to the talent on Project Runway. Anyway, Congrats! on your 100th post!

  3. Johnny is my favorite but you are right-the designers are not as inspiring as Project Runway.
    i also can't stand at the end when Kelly says "you're still in the competition, but you are hanging on by a thread." Cheesetastic!!!

  4. nothing beats project runway!! x

  5. i luv both the dresses they are beautiful :)