Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jean Genie

I have a love/hate relationship with skinny jeans.  I love the way they look but I hate they way they look on me.  My torso is quite long and I have childbearing hips so sometimes I think my legs look short.  The wrong skinny jeans only makes them look shorter, so I try to stick with straight leg styles as opposed to tapered.  I hate shopping for jeans because I prefer a slightly higher rise, which is a rare find in this new era of ass-cleavage.  PLUS my inseam is right in between regular and long- regular is too short, long is too long, so I either have to deal with it or pay to have all of my jeans tailored, which is probably what I should be doing anyway.  

Right now my favorites are the AE 77 Straight (which I can now buy with a discount- hellz ya) but these Acne jeans could be a nice alternative if I had $300-some dollars to drop on them.  Which I don't.  This seems to be a never-ending conundrum and a trend in my recent blog posts, but what can ya do?

I like them because they have a looser fit in the hips and thighs, so my newly acquired fat-ass can fit into them comfortably =)


  1. i am definitely into the looser fitting jeans - i actually got a pretty good pair of vintage distressed jeans from j crew!

  2. OMGosh I love skinny jeans. I just have this issue with making the jeans fit right because lets face it here-
    We cannot all wear low low low rise jeans...unless the world wants us to look like walking muffins.
    The AE jeans are fab. I wanna pair!! Can you send me some?? lol

  3. so true. i have the exact same problem... my body was not meant for skinny jeans.
    but they do look amazing on those who can wear them

  4. I love the colour of this denim, it isn't too light but it's not dark. It's lovely!

  5. great post and liking those jeans.
    muah x

  6. Hey! Thanks for your comment!!

    I love skinny jeans!! I got used to them and now I can´t use other ones.

  7. AE is basically the only company that makes jeans for us shorter women. It is for that reason that i love them.

  8. These are hot! And your ass is in no way fat! x

  9. I love skinny jeans but not all of them look good. I need a higher rise but since it's warmer I've been avoiding my jeans and wearing more shorts and skirts.

  10. Those jeans are awesome! Great find!! :)

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