Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fall 2009 Accessory Report- Part Three

Studs, studs and more STUDS!

One of my favorite embellishments, but only if done correctly.  Chic not trashy, ya know?  Like all of these.

I'm still surprised that most of the labels I just brush over, like Coach for instance, have really impressed me this season.  I don't know if it's just gotten edgier, but whatever the change is, I like it a lot.  It may even be a big enough change that I could bring myself to buy a Coach bag *gasp* which I never though I'd do in a million years =)

Now, if only money wasn't still an issue... or the fact that I still need to buy this bag!

Tory Burch studded clutch

Roberto Cavalli leather pochette

Jimmy Choo "Lohla Jayne" bag

Proenza Schouler studded leather sandal

Coach studded "Sabrina" leather bag

Diane Von Furstenberg "Belle" gold studded bag

Marc Jacobs studded handbag with chain strap

Prada velvet embroidered heel with studs and fringe

Miu Miu leather studded bag


  1. how do those Prada shoes work?!?

  2. I'm assuming the fringe stuff goes like, around your ankle? Haha not sure, they need a different view.

  3. oo must have choos haha

  4. HOW DARE YOU TEMPT ME WITH ALL THIS FAB STUDDED STUFF??! I cant decide between that Tory Burch studded, the Coach "Sabrina" bag, or the DVF bag as my favorite. My mind wants to explode.

  5. ahhh i love those things!
    soo edgy! cool blog!

    check out mine please

  6. the prada velvet and the MJ are just so rock !!!