Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Peace, Love, and Sunny Afternoons

Modern art makes me want to rock out!

Sunday was simply a glorious day, so boyfriend and I spent the afternoon outside while he took photos for one of his classes.  He also snapped some shots of me (actually more like 300), some of which will be featured in something... upcoming... which you will hear about at a later date!  But it's something I've been pretty excited about for the past few weeks =)

Anyway, this is the last week of classes, and then finals next week.  EWW.  But then I'll be done... until the fall, and then it starts all over again.  *sigh*  I should be graduating but instead I had to waste 2 years in graphic design so now I'm 2 years behind.

In OTHER news, I took the job at American Eagle.  It just seemed like a better fit for me, and a LOT less of a clusterfuck.  I've never seen or experienced a more disorganized store than the Anthropologie up here in Cleveland.

American Eagle tee & cutoffs
H&M cardigan
vintage necklaces
Minnetonka gladiators

Lyrics: Art Brut


  1. i love your gladiators.
    btw, i am looking forward to the sister photoshoot.:)

  2. OMG! I used to do graphic design in high school! That is so cool you are from Baltimore! Def stay in touch! I will be updating my Sweety P Blog once I start my internship at the end of May. So, I will be updating the Baltimore Fashion Week blog and my own blog all at the same time! Right now, I am getting ready for finals. :( Just two more weeks to go.

  3. Btw, I love the background for your title! I love me some David Bowie and Iman is def a fashion legend.

  4. I love your outfit. It so simple yet so cute and very Sunday afternoon. Is the first pic of you sliding down the banister?? I always wanted to do that but I was too scared i was gonna crack my skull.lol.

  5. love the cutoffs and the title of your blog ;)

  6. your post made me miss MY boyfriend! lol. but even if he is here (he's in canada for now), i'm sure he wont be snapping up pics of me for the blog. i envy you, its great to have such a supportive boyfriend!

    btw, cute shirt!

    much love


  7. the pictures are great and the outfit looks good on you! love your hair!

  8. awesome photos, especially the last one! congrats on the job as well.

    thanks heaps for the comment, sorry it took me so long to reply! youre sweet :)


  9. <3 your outfit and the last shot!
    thanks for your visit dear,


  10. Nice pics. Weather seems warm in cleaveland !

  11. oo fun photos, I cannot wait to get out of school too, my last final is on the last day possible, monday, which sucks as all of my friends disappear left & right ugg at least you have a sweet bf to keep you company? how did you two meet?

  12. Aw these pictures are so fun. I LOVE the last one - jealous ! x

  13. Looks like you had lots of fun!! I love your comfy outfit and your hair colour is amazing!!

    <3 Nesli

  14. Oh yes, she's is Olsen! Everything is perfect there and they maybe carried on any style of boho chic to the beggar, or trash and are always beautiful! But I confess that I prefer to Ash.. MK seems a little weird at times..

    I hope you come again baby.
    Love, Jamily.

  15. Are a a dancer too!!! You have beautiful line. I love the location of these photos! Wonderful Blog.

    Fashion on edge..

  16. your outfit looks super comf but veeery trendy!
    LOVE it.

    Mi Ji <3

  17. U look gorgeous! and I am so in love with your gladiators! Super chic! :)