Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

New Marc Jacobs line... thoughts?

The ever-fabulous Marc Jacobs has launched another line called Jacobs by Marc Jacobs, and it consists of cheap accessories, bags, swimsuits, etc.  And I don't know about you but I'm not sure I'd spring for a designer bathing cap.  But maybe that's just me?  I also don't know about the name, "Jacobs by Marc Jacobs" doesn't have nearly as nice of a ring to it as "Marc by Marc Jacobs" does.  Then again it is cheap Marc Jacobs, I really shouldn't be complaining.

The floral tote is cute, and so are the necklaces, but the rest is kinda.... eh.  Not sure what to think yet, so YOUR thoughts would be nice!

P.S.  The Nine Inch Nails show was awesome!  I tried desperately to get backstage passes, first by trying to win them and then Trent & co. launched into a charity campaign to help one of their friends get a heart transplant.  I was waiting to get paid one Friday, and the Wednesday before Trent twitters that they cannot accommodate anymore people backstage!  I didn't know whether to cry or to scream =/  Regardless, it was an awesome show, and if/when they ever come back again hopefully I won't be broke when they start offering backstage passes!

If you'd like to see photos just clicky here.  I don't feel like uploading them again to blogger.


  1. Seeing this, makes me smile so much! Hey, I gave you an award on blog, come by to check it out!

  2. hmm its mixed, the only thing designer i seem to buy is dresses so all of this is a bit frivolous to me

  3. So glad you had an awesome time at the concert!
    And hearing that Marc Jacobs has a new line is amazing! Fab items


  4. very recession worthy.
    i wonder if the ads for Jacobs by Marc Jacobs will be in the front of every single magazine, like a certain other line?