Tuesday, April 14, 2009


And where was this during the winter when I somehow managed to only buy hood-less coats and jackets?!

This would have been perfect.  I spent my days messing with hats or 2197263485602 scarves wrapped around my head and neck to keep the frigid Ohio-winter wind from blowing my face off.  Seriously, walking around Kent State is like walking through a wind tunnel.

This has got to be the cutest thing ever!

Chloe Hood by Coal
You can find it at Karmaloop for $65.00

Oh and P.S.- Doesn't the model look like she could eff you up in a heartbeat?  And not in a bad-ass way but more of an ass-bad way.  Not attractive.  I wouldn't want to turn my back to her for fear she might knife me.  


  1. lol. I wonder why they have decided to make a hood without the jacket?? Anyways, I do like the hood. lol.

  2. cute idea; I feel like you could diy it with an old hoodie, though instead of paying 65 bucks for it.

    and the link should be working now =)Also, i haven't really been keeping tabs on ANTM either since melrose lost. now, after analeigh didn't even get final two (which she deserved!), i refuse to watch it. i have a rant on tyra banks & antm somewhere on my blog. i made the mistake of trying to watch the first episode of this season and i almost threw my remote at it!

  3. hahaha i love the comment about the model. after i read that comment i looked at her face again and can tell what u mean.

  4. hola que cosa no lo hubiera imaginado queda bien pero se me hace raro

  5. touche about the model. a tad on the scary side. intresting hood concept...not sure i'd wear it though.



  6. same... i have no hooded coats at all! I was in a small search for a coat with hood and pockets, then i gave up....

    xx-LJ from SOS!

  7. wow that's a really unique idea!


  8. That is cute. I think I would wear it with a jacket in a similar colour though. I don't like it so much just on its own.

  9. i looked at the picture in your last entry, i LOVE avocados. looking at that picture makes me so hungry. and it doesn't help that i've been craving guacamole!

    and thanks for the comment, i love long ones. i used to use clean & clear morning burst cleanser with their morning burst moisturizer but then i didn't see the cleanser anymore, or i would see the cleanser but not the moisturizer so i started trying other things. and yes, the garnier fructis melting conditioner is fab!

  10. that is cute. it reminds me of those pilot hats, with the goggles? i wonder how it'd look with coats and jackets.

  11. It is cute. If you described it to me, I might not have believed you though...you have to see it to understand.

  12. I think I'd prefer it attached to a jacket/coat.. but it's still cute =D

  13. the model is scary i agree.
    is that a snood (scarf/hood), or merely a hood?
    i can never distinguish exactly what is what....
    anyway, great blog
    (: x


  14. love the hood! that would have also been useful over here! its good to be back, i read your recent posts and i realised i've really missed your blog! im sorry your paintings didnt get accepted, but try again somewhere else! take care xx

  15. That is just adorable! Like a tougher red riding hood for the modern ages x