Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For what it's worth

Come on lay with me/ 'Cause I'm on fire
For what it's worth
I tear the sun in three/ To light up your eyes.

I just bought (yes bought, not downloaded) the new Placebo cd, Battle for the Sun. Not sure how I feel about it yet; don't get me wrong it's a good, solid record, just not your typical Placebo. It's no where near what Meds was, but it will grow on me in time. I love this band, ever since hearing "Every You Every Me" on the opening sequence of Cruel Intentions. And they are hot, even if they are, really, women. But you cannot sit there and tell me Brian Molko isn't one sexy beast.

So anyway, back to fashion. I was thinking the other day I'm in dire need of some new tanktops. And these Urban Outfitters beauties are per-fec-tion; grey with just the right amount of color to not initiate my brighthuephobia.


  1. i actually really like the shorts/skirt. its so hard to tell what it is. from the front it looks like a skirt but from the back it looks like shorts. i love it that they are made from jersey or so it seems. i might be blind.

  2. Those tops both look so cute from the back.

  3. oooh my they have a new cd?going to get it now thanks for telling me haha
    love these tops btw

  4. I love shirts that are plain in the front and striking from the favorite by far.

    the paint chipped one is really unique.

    love the fashion kiwi

  5. hello ¡¡¡
    i love the shirts and Placebo i like the new song¡¡
    thanks for your coment in my blog¡¡¡ iam added to my list blog¡¡¡

  6. That drip paint tank is glorious!

  7. reaaaally loving that paint drips tank!
    thanks for stopping by!

  8. Cute stuff!!!

    Love all the colors


  9. i love placebo's meds album too, i havent heard the new one yet, have to do it asap! x

  10. the second tank is beautiful. so simple yet chic! lovee it.