Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Roll, roll, roll in ze hay!"

I will give $100 to anybody who can tell me what movie is quoted in this title. HINT: Halloween comedy anyone?

Okay, not really, but I will laugh and love you forever.

But seriously, what else can you say about Chanel's Spring 2010 RTW show?

Okay, so the clothes weren't really my favorite at all, ESPECIALLY when it got to the red, white & blue sequence (can anybody say FUG?) but you've got to love the creativity in the presentation. The sheer black and white gown that was model by the lovely Sasha was by far my favorite, and I love the blazers on Frija and Baptiste.

Not sure what Karl's fascination is with Lily Allen lately, but oh what the hell- I'll buy it. I would have loved to see her perform her "saltily worded country number" as told by style.com.

photos: style.com
quote: ??? =P


  1. interesting show. and the clogs? i totally bought some before they were even cool again! ha ha. I beat Karl to the punch?

  2. ahahah I love that qoute.
    Almost as much as I love the male models!

  3. How fun would it be if people just dressed like that despite living in the city

  4. WOW! all the pics are AMAZING.
    i loved!

  5. I kinda hate that Karl likes Lily Allen, I don't want to see her as the face of Chanel, like, really? She's rough as! Sorry ha. thank you for your comments on my blog :) www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com

  6. I worship at the altar of Chanel.

  7. dear sweet 6lb 8 ounce baby Jesus are those CLOGS I see?!?!?!?

  8. That looks like an awesome show.

  9. can't believe no one mentioned it yet, the quote is from young frankenstein. how i adore gene wilder!