Friday, February 11, 2011


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I realized I haven't written a blog post in like 6 months and that you guys have probably forgotten about me. In the time since I've blogged last I've graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Fashion Merchandising, started excessively baking like a crazed housewife, but most importantly I've gotten engaged!

So now that I am done with school and currently unemployed/job searching, I have nothing much to do except look at bridal websites and magazines and make sure my dream wedding day becomes a reality. But I also realized how much I missed blogging after taking a long, LONG break from it.

When I left you guys last August I just wasn't feeling up to fashion blogs. I was feeling uninspired, unmotivated, and out of ideas. I haven't even looked at a fashion blog since then. But then something inside me reared its creative head and I decided to not only sit on my ass but sit on my ass and take up blogging again. I decided Deranged needed a facelift- a new design, new colors, new direction.

So for all my readers that are still subscribed to this now-non-defunct blog, thanks for staying. I promise to be a much more diligent blogger this time :)


    I've missed you too!!
    Where have you been?! Updates and details!
    Must exchange emails!
    And, yes you must check out my newly opened store!!

  2. Love your blog. Hope you're having a great weekend xx