Friday, April 15, 2011

The Most Intriguing Part of The King's Speech...

...was this damn room. I am obsessed with the wall, for one thing, it's almost as if the wall is decaying. As soon as we saw this in the film, the fiancé and I knew we wanted to do this whenever we decide to buy a house. How to reproduce layers and layers of wallpaper and years of distress will be another issue altogether, but I'm sure our collective artistic minds will figure it out.

This room and its décor, at the historical 33 Portland Place, was not built for the film, and (as I'm sure most people know by now) it has been used for various other projects, including the gay porn film Snookered which was released in 2008. I'm pretty sure this is what makes me love this room even more, given my love of all things gay and pornographic.

Wouldn't it have been hysterical if The King's Speech had beat out Alice in Wonderland for art direction at this year's Academy Awards?


  1. breathe taking set design i wish my bedroom was like this...colin firth sat in it.

  2. i kept looking at this wall too! loved this film