Sunday, January 29, 2012


Fuck this blog.

Actually just the posts pertaining to weddings. Since my last post I have broken off an engagement AND ended a relationship. But the purpose of this blog is not to rant about my romantic personal life (seeing as how I currently have no romantic life to speak of). Unless you count my undying love for fashion. Boyfriend, fianc├ęs, husbands... they come and they go. But that perfect LBD or pair of Loubs OR, even better still, that vintage Chanel bag you've wasted countless hours obsessing over and saving what-should-have-been-rent-money for... those will last forever.

If only the last part of that statement were true.

During my engagement I did, however, come to the realization that I love jewelry. And now that I no longer wear an engagement ring everyday I have begun (obsessively compulsively) filling that void with even more jewelry than I think I've ever owned or donned.

Ring: Jennifer Lopez Collection for Kohl's, $24.00


  1. I am really sort to hear that darling :( Hope you are ok! But keep your chin up as a little shopping spree can really turn your mood around :) Buy some jewellery :) And you are so correct, men will come and go, but jewellery will always stay with you ;)
    Lots of love and kisses your way..
    Annie x

  2. i won't say it's a pity what happend to you because i prefer to be an optimistic person so as you said now you appreciate more jewelry than before so go shopping and enjoy :) xxxx a

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  4. i've been getting into jewelry too . . . it's pretty fun and a great distraction when you need it.

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