Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Proud Moment

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I must say that right now I am quite proud to be an American.  I remember sitting with my boyfriend on our couch on November 4 with my eyes anxiously glued to our television, and I remember even more the simultaneous relief, pride, hope, and just peace wash over me when it was announced that this man had won.  We were both almost moved to tears when he and his family came out on stage.  Now I am sitting on the same couch, anxiously awaiting his speech tonight (since I missed everything today because of stupid classes) and I cannot believe how unbelievable this all is.

I have never been this active in a presidential election, and I have never supported a candidate as much as I have supported Barack Obama.  I'm 21 years old, so with the exception of the previous 2004 election I never really cared much about politics, nor did I understand.  But now I am completely thrilled to not only witness this historic election, but to truly appreciate it as well.

That is all.



  1. I cant believe we are REALLY living in history. Because of him, now I truely truely believe in the phrase "Yes We Can".

    By the way, I am really feeling your blog. Its so cool.

  2. AHH me too! I was sitting here watching it late at night (+6 hour time difference) and trying to hear obama over the french dubbing. so so proud.

  3. i really, really, really hope he sticks to the 16 month pull out plan. While George W has been playing Risk with our soldiers all my friends and husband have been deployed relentlessly!