Monday, April 6, 2009

Missing in a maze of monochrome

How did I get here?  How can I go home?

I'm really loving these shoes/booties by Gareth Pugh right now, featured on the runway of his Spring 2009 show.  And if you digg them as much as I do (and have $978.73) you can pick up a pair at Brown's.

I really don't know why I love these shoes so much.  They are really impractical and I haven't the faintest idea what I would wear with them.  Perhaps I can just pull a Mary-Kate and just wear them around my house completely naked.

I wonder if she really still does that...?

I completely adored this collection.  Supposedly the inspiration is "Joan Crawford meets Predator" but I'm picking up on an Alice in Wonderland vibe.  It's more "Queen of Hearts meets the grasshopper" to me.  Whatever, Gareth Pugh is great!

What a total cutie, too.  =)

I <3 Gareth Pugh

Edit: Of course I had to make a Polyvore to go with the shoes =P

photos:  Brown's and
lyrics:  Nine Inch Nails


  1. Thoe Pugh shoes are love. I die a little inside everytime I seem them and know they shan't be mine. lol

  2. those shoes are to dieeeeeeeee for. they're like a fabulous pair of marni's that got edged up for some crazy futuristic rock show.

    idk where the inspiration came from, but i love them and would like to have them in my life, yes please

  3. There is something about impractical shoes that we all love I think. I am coveting Marc By Marc Jacob's woven boxer bootie right now!

  4. The shoes are amazing! I wonder how fast i can get that much money haha.
    Thanks for commenting!

  5. haha, queen of hearts meets grasshopper. i think you're bang on there!

  6. Please send me your mailing address : s.sayeh [at]
    it's for the pay it forward project :)

  7. wow i love the polyvore set!
    i think i need the white nail polish <3


  8. theyre fuken awesome! holy shit!

  9. Thanks for your comment, I work part time for an insurance company but I can go in whatever I want usually.. :) I really like the polyvore set!!


  10. Those shoes are actually cute. They would go perfectly with flesh. lmao. Seriously, wtf would you wear those with??!

  11. YES! I love this collection- he is legend, have you guys seen Beyonces video for 'Diva', this collection is in it!

    Love your blog x

    pay a visit?:

  12. those shoes are amazing. i'm loving the black and white