Thursday, July 23, 2009


Pants- A.OK; shoes- Target; tee- American Eagle

I've been thinking about this blog lately, and what I want to accomplish with it, and came to the conclusion that I've become rather un-inspired with it. So I'm going to change that.

When I first started blogging, it really didn't have a purpose other than to just be a place for me to ramble on about the things that I love: fashion, music, art, etc. I loved finding new things and sharing them with you all. Perhaps having two jobs plus taking summer classes just wore me out, but I really didn't want to have to think about blogging on top of that these past few months.

So- insert changes here. I want to do more outfit posts. I didn't want this blog to be about that at first, but I love seeing other blogs that feature primarily "what I wore" posts, and I get so inspired by them. Plus it's fun sharing new pieces of clothing that you buy, or an outfit concoction that you are particularly proud of.

But now it's up to you. I want to know what you want in this blog- what should stay, what should go, what should be added. Because it isn't all about me, YOU guys are the ones that read it!

BTW love my new pants from OAK? And shoes? They are hard to see but they are these lovely heeled strappy gladiators from Target of all places. Extremely comfortable =)

EDIT: Please do the poll!

DOUBLE EDIT: I've also started my own blog/shop. Only a few items up right now, but I have many items waiting to be photographed and posted. We're talking about a broke college student here =)


  1. the pants look great!
    if theres anything you ever need/want, let me know.
    x -

  2. You look lovely! Love, Love the pants. So cool you opened an online shop. I def know how it feels to be a broke college student.

  3. I have those pants, too and I love them! They're so comfy! Great outfit post! Would love to see more, of course.

  4. Love the comfy looking ants with the shoes! I like your blog as it is now with some writing and some pictures....But I do really enjoy the fashion-related posts

  5. That's a really cute outfit. I look forward to see what you're going to post in the future!

  6. da pants, da shoes, theyre bangin', all of it.
    and i vote for more music.

  7. You look great and I would love to see more pictures of you looking great.

  8. i agree with everyone else-harem pants are sooo hard to pull off but they look great on you!
    as far as the blog, i enjoy reading your posts how they are now. you always have a mixed bag of goodies which is awesome and unique. doing the outfits is a good idea, but my faves are when you do the shopping posts. you always pick out the dopest stuff. its like the grown up goth girl gone glam.

  9. cute outfit sweetie,I just discovered your blog and I like it!

  10. those pants fit you well- they look great on you.- and you look casual chic

  11. I couldn't visit your blog for a while and was surprised to see outfit posts but I really really like them! The pants are very feminine and elegant! Where's the poll by the way? :)