Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amateur Modeling at its Finest

And no, for once I'm not talking about America's Next Top "Model." I'm talking about this lovely thing over at I was cracking up and the girl's "posing," or lack thereof. I mean seriously, who okayed these photos?!

I'll break this failure down for you guys:

1. The Generic Catalog Pose: There is, quite literally, no life in this arm. There are no angles, no interest, no posing really. Last time I checked, the point of catalog modeling is not to make garments look shapeless. This does nothing to make me want to buy this dress.

2. The Over-Exaggerated Shoulder Hunch: Clearly, someone has been doing her homework and reading Vogue and W, and has equated that a hunched shoulder equals high fashion. But, when you only lift one shoulder with the rest of your body erect, you only look rather lopsided.

3. And finally, whatever the hell this is. I mean COME ON what is going on with that right arm?! Who directed this photoshoot? Who told this girl that this was a good idea?!!

However, this dress is hella cute [I will link it here]. I just get too distracted by the crazy arms and deer-in-headlights, trying-too-hard expression. She's a pretty girl, but LORD please give her some guidance in the modeling department.

I've come to the conclusion that the girl's right arm is just dead.


  1. yeah, i think you pretty much have to try to look this awful. I mean if you're a model and you can't model, it's seriously time to start considering a new career.

  2. It looks like she's offering us an invisible cupcake in the last photo..? Or something bizarre like that. It's not nice to make fun of models with dead right arms. :P

    And you should do the Macarena with me! haha

    Toast with Charmalade

  3. Haha this cracked me up! she is so rubbish at her ob, poor thing. thanks for the comment sweet!

  4. hilarious! & i thought my posing was bad!

  5. so true! dead arm and no neck...yikes. welp, she does have a pretty face. thanks for the comment btw :) love your blog/attention to detail, definitely following.

    helen xx

  6. in case you didn't know, the dead arm pose is the trend right now.

  7. HAHAHAHAHA No. 2 is definitely the worst!

    rtf :)

  8. Well, I guess rookies are just not comfortable?

  9. she look like lindsay in her good days haha

    nice blog stop by if u like