Monday, May 24, 2010

Gimme gimme gimme

One day I will own a pair of shiny shiny Louboutins (I swear!) But right now I just don't have the cash to drop on a $700+ pair of shoes. No matter how shiny and delicious they are. I've always coveted a nude peep-toe or classic black pump, but in my "What's New For You" email on Monday arrived these babies. Damn you net-a-porter, damn you! *shakes fist* Now I have my heart set on these peacock blue gems. Even the color, "peacock blue," sounds ever the more inviting that just a blah black.

I do, however, have graduation coming up in December. Hence, graduation PRESENTS. I've already told my mom that (out of necessity) I need a new Macbook because this one is 5 years old and always about to crash. But a pair of Loub's is a tad cheaper than a Mac. Hmmm...

The (former) graphic designer in me flipped over the contrast of the deep blue/bright red combo. Ugh, looking at the back of these shoes... luscious. I could just lick them... okay maybe I just licked the screen...

OPI nail polish in "Russian Navy" & "Yoga-ta Get This Blue"

Would it be too matchy-matchy if I painted my nails in the same color? Although it may just be my monitor but now that I've uploaded this photo these colors really don't match at all. So I guess it would be fine =P

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  1. Those blue hued nail lacquers are f'ing rad! xo Mish

  2. thanks hun! i agree with you; i would love to own some louboutin shoes, but right now, it's so not worth it!!

    ann xx

  3. WOW those shiny louboutins are sexy as!
    loving the blue polish too.
    thanks for stopping by.
    loving your blog also,
    hitting follow.
    have a great weekend to come ♥


  4. i wanted the same shoes last year too. but then it seemed kinda pointless to drop that kinda money on a shoe that has so many cheaper alternatives out there. and they arent even that comfy. i tried them on. so now if i spend that much on shoes i prefer to spend on a more unique design one that isnt knocked off so easily.

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  6. They are really, really gorge! I'm holding out for a pair of red-soled shoes myself....someday!

    xoxo, ashley @

  7. You are so read your words..I hope one daY I have a pair CL as well..looka at them simple but classic