Thursday, August 27, 2009

The worst jeans in the world.

Okay, so I've started to enjoy Twitter, mainly for the fashion sites and blogs who regularly update with me with exclusive sales and the like. I found a series of interesting posts from Ideeli.

Like, the worst jeans in the world.

I can't decide which ones are more unforgivable.

These, apparently, are big in Japan... the "Bikini Jean." Now, I don't know who in the world would ever want to wear these and be taken seriously. They are beyond trash. Like WAY beyond. They are by a Japanese company called Sanna, which makes another pair of unfortunate jeans they've deemed as "the lowest in the world." See below...

I mean, how could you even fucking sit down in these? Do these people actually think that ass-cleavage is sexy? Because I can assure you that it isn't. Whoever designed these jeans is either on crack or a dude, either one of them with about as much class as a drunken beer-bellied redneck or a stripper. If you've never heard of having to get a bikini wax simply to wear jeans, well... now you have.

Oh but wait, it gets worse. Good lord does it ever get worse.

The "Winking Jeans." By some "artist" names William Jones. They are supposed to wink at you when you walk, but in order for them to work you need to have some "junk in the trunk." However, if you are going to cater to those women that possess such "junk" shouldn't you make a more flattering jean? And who the fuck wants eyes painted on their ass? I sure as hell don't. And apparently, Jones hasn't stopped with the eyes. Oh no, he has even made jeans with ducks painted on and they are supposed to give the illusion of opening and closing their beaks and quacking...(?!)

If you'd like to read more, you can click here. But I would suggest otherwise.

Good GOD.

Unfortunately, I don't think any NIN photo can save this post. Even if it consists of special guest Peter Murphy (of Bauhaus) hanging upside down, during a performance of "Reptile". I think that may be one of my favorite songs =)


  1. Ugh. I hated when showing your underwear while wearing jeans was a trend. Worst jeans, indeed!

  2. emily! this post cracked me up and at the same time pissed me off! how fricking sexist, whoever made these jeans.. you're right.. is this even "sittable"? makes me just want to hike up my jeans in aghast!

  3. Oh god, I have no idea what on earth t do with these images, they are horrific! I really like your blog, I'm a follower :) if you get a chance, please take a look at mine :)

  4. Wadda fack? That is truly horrific. I cannot believe people acctually put these things out onto the market.
    I hope you're punking us.

  5. Those jeans are HILARIOUS, especially the eyes, haha. This was brilliant to read, thank you. xx

  6. I know a person who has a simmilar pair to the ones in the last picture. Odd. Very odd.

  7. OMG, those jeans are HORRIBLE, it's going to take like 100 years until their in fashion again...i hope

  8. its really not sexy to show your underwear with jeans like that. and it really must be uncomfortable.
    bad trend.
    gorgeous blog :)
    come and check out mine sometime :)


  9. haha, cant believe somebody actually used up their energy to come up with such a sucker idea. it seriously cannot get worse than this.
    btw what would your reaction be if you actually saw someone wearing this on the street.

  10. haha, this post is hilarious.
    i think the winking jeans take the cake for me, because unfortunately we all know some women will never stop wearing trashily low-cut jeans.
    no matter how much we cry and beg.
    love the last picture too

  11. i cant believe those jeans! thanks for finding those it made my day!

  12. Haha, those 'pants' (can I even call them that when they don't cover your junk?) are so funny!

  13. W. T. F. <--jeans That's just...awful.

    NIN? I'm sooooooo sad I'm not there. Aren't you?

    -Jane (NINnerd999)

  14. helou... thanx for commentin on my blog! i found the zara wedges for 25 eur... but they are very unconfortable...unfortunatley...

    ubercool blog btw... and the jeans... i have no words for them... terrible

  15. Heyhey.. thanks for dropping by our blog! we HAVE seen ep 2 and both thought the challenge was so boring - yawn. We both thought that Malvin had more potential... sigh.. only asian guy got voted off!

    and by the way, lmfao! what a great post on ugly jeans lol! i saw the one with eyes the other time and i was like.. "WTF no one is gonna wanna wear THAT" but apparently, people do. -_-

  16. Oh my!! Words can't even describe how horrific this abomination of denim is! Yikes. Oh and the NIN pic almost made me forget (I love love love them) but not quite. And thanks for the comment, you blog is great as well! Let me know if you want to swap URL's.

  17. my god, those jeans are just so...fuggers...

    - Daniel

  18. LOL those jeans are the perfect gift for somebody you don't like.

  19. i'd like to call those the "infamous slut jeans" lol.
    peace and love

  20. Only one thing for it, cover up those fashion faux pas with a fab T Shirt....problem solved

  21. Jesus H. Christ that is horrible! What the hell is the matter with some people? No taste level at all!

  22. OMG this post was too funny!!! I loveee the pants with the ass is watching you?

  23. Oh. My. God.
    Those jeans are actually hurting my eyes they are so bad!
    Dont even get me started on the "winking" jeans...

  24. ....................I don't even know what to say. I'm not so sure that I'm glad I saw this....... Wow.
    @ the pants I mean.