Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Socks and Happy September

Now that fall is arriving (after like what, a 2-week summer?) I must come to terms with the end of my sock-free days and force myself to put away my sandals and flip-flops. Such a sad time of the year for me, I love being barefoot or as close to is as possible.

I've never been much of a white sock fan, reminds me too much of gym class. So I found this fun article on Valet via notcouture. And yes, I'm aware Valet is a men's fashion site, but I enjoy it and find it interesting nonetheless. Swedish designers Viktor Tell and Mikael Soderlindh of the line Happy Socks give us loud-and-obnoxiously-printed sock fans the do's and don'ts of wearing colorful footwear.

Rule #1- Keep argyles for fall and winter and then come spring, break out the polka dots and lighter colors.

Rule #2- There's a fine line between looking daring and looking Punky Brewster. Wear colorful socks with tailored clothes or a great pair of denim. Striped socks and your ripped jeans, not a good combination.

Rule #3- We love colorful socks with loafers and shorts. It's very 1950's collegiate with a modern twist.

Rule #4- Don't go too wild. Neon green socks with a pastel suit are just plain Willy Wonka. But we love a hot pink sock peeking out from a black tie suit. Shocking enough to be appreciated.

To read the full article click here. But be aware of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I've never had to proofread an article before I re-published it here!

Or you can just visit the Happy Socks website. My favorites are the "Joker" and the "Optic" socks =)

What do you guys think of flashy socks?


  1. For some reason i try to coordinate the color of my socks to the rest of my outfit, even if they aren't showing.

  2. i am getting on board with the idea of wearing knee highs with shorts and skirts. done right they can look super cool. i saw a pair of tie and die socks somewhere(cant remember where)today and they looked damn good.

  3. I think I love my neon socks with all my heart

  4. Who knew socks could be so cute! Adorable post, petal x