Friday, August 14, 2009

Three Things

1. I really must have this bag.

I mean, it screams everything Emily- the color, the studs, the way it is a perfect combination of slouch and structure. Perhaps a gift for my 22nd birthday, which happens to be in little over a month. Oh motherrr....

2. And not that you guys really care, but I'm pretty stoked: September 7th I'm seeing Apoptygma Berzerk and October 3rd I'm seeing Placebo!

Yay for great bands!

3. Another NIN photo- yes, I'm aware it's another Robin photo, but I really like the photography. Rob Sheridan really knows how to take a photo. He rocks my socks, even though I hardly ever wear socks.

Robin Finck photo:
Band photos: flickr


  1. great bag...<3
    xx cody

  2. I love that the bag isn't quite the standard black with silver studs... very unique.
    Enjoy Placebo, have you seen them before? they're pretty great live ;)

  3. I lol'd at your comment, so cute.
    Love the studded bag!

  4. the bag is a stunner!
    love the somehow dark studs!
    very eye catching yet elegant~