Wednesday, April 13, 2011

PS1 vs. Mossimo

Okay, so it's not secret that Proenza Schouler is my favorite designer label. Ever. And that I've been lusting over the PS1 series of handbags. If I ever get the chance to meet Lazaro and/or Jack I will seriously lick them. I am completely in love with this punchy, citrusy "maize" color, perfect for Spring and to compliment my never-ending wardrobe of neutrals. But, unfortunately, I can't stomach the price tag.

Proenza Schouler Medium PS1 bag in Maize; $1,595.00

Luckily (or perhaps unluckily), Target has a new set of messenger bags out right now, and they look startlingly similar to the PS bags. This Mossimo version comes in a variety of colors, including olive and grey, and an unfortunate cognac color that emphasizes its faux-leather quality. But I do like this off-white color a lot. It won't make me feel better about the PS1, and it might actually make me feel worse, but I could probably drop $30-some bucks on this.

Mossimo Messenger bag; $39.99*

*Note: Don't quote me on the price, as these bags are sold on online and Target does not show the price when something is out of stock. But it is somewhere around $39


  1. Good comparison. I often feel your pain. I settled for a soft leather Diesel number that runs between Target and (far below) 1k designer crafts. But I'm happy with it for being a college kid :p I do like the off-white shade too. Perhaps if it doesn't show off the faux-leather-ness as much, it'd be worth it. You want to feel good with it, after all.

    Oh and I totally didn't even note that about the Louboutin v. YSL case, but the shade is not even the same! You're right! That should be taken into account, most especially because he copyrighted it. It should be a specific and identifiable through number coding red. Like a #ff0000 or something... Lol.

  2. Omg, I'm in lurve with that white bag!!
    If that price is so, I will definitely be owning a new bag pretty soon!
    P.S.I wanna ask you's about my rotting skull tee I got in my store...when you get a chance hit me up!

  3. Hello doll.
    So, I wanted to know if you were still interested in the top...cause I'm soon gonna put those things on clearance and if you would like I can put the top aside for you...lemme know!