Monday, December 1, 2008

Love me, love me...

Say that you love me.  I hope that song is now stuck in your head =)

Anyway, thanks *again* to, I have found another clothing & jewelry site worthy of "= love."  Locher's is a darling little collection of sweet tops and adornments that amalgamate cute embroidered designs and vintage finds with mischievous aphorisms; or "perversion with a touch of class" as Nicole puts it.

In other words, things "Your mother wouldn't wear, and Daddy shouldn't see."

Some of my favorite pieces:

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Sweet desperation. Who doesn't want to wear a meat cleaver around their neck? Chop! Chop! necklace, $71.00

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I love the additions of the little bows on these necklaces. My Better Half necklace, $71.00

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The best part about this necklace is the name. The Kate necklace, $69.00

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I love this one! Tiny Dancer necklace, $69.00

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Won't we all? At least for some Christian Loub's... Will Fuck for Shoes brooch, $64.00

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  1. Those are so cute-especially the meat cleaver one. I also like the Kate. Very appropriate.