Sunday, December 7, 2008

He's WHAT?!

Silly post time... again.

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Found this on the forum.  I like when NIN fans have a sense of humor, because most take themselves way too seriously.  I find this especially funny because of the recent buzz around MK.  Seriously, she gets shit for being a skinny waif, but accused of being pregnant the moment she gains a few pounds... at this point I would probably be like

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!?!??!!!??!!

Anyway, back to more silliness:

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Headline Reads: Today, hundreds were killed at a Nine Inch Nails concert as Reznor breaks out his secret weapon.

Those not killed in the onslaught exclaimed, "It was AWESOME! You should've been there, man..."

Note: PUS weekly photo courtesy of doublen on the photoblog.  Animated gif courtesy of AnnaDraconida, on the nin forum.

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  1. lol he's got the bump! I love how the rags are always circling the nonexistant "bumps" on super thin celebs and saying "Look! There it is! There's their beanfetus! They're totally knocked up!" Just because you circle a stomach, does not mean there's anything in there.