Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Black Tie, White Noise

So... I know I'll be sad when skinny jeans and huge sunglasses go out of style, but I will REALLY be bummed when black nail polish does.  No, I'm not going to stop wearing it, but it has just been nice to not hear "You listen to Nine Inch Nails. You wear black nail polish. You must be gothic."

Yes, because the rest of me is sooooo "gothic."

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Face it.  You may be sick of it but black nail polish hasn't left us yet!!  Of which I am happy about simply for the above reason.

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BUT I hate *cheap* black polish.  You know, the kind that chips after 1 day of wear and it looks like shit.  I painted mine black for Thanksgiving (festive, I know) last Thursday, and it still looks decent today, not very chipped at all.  Thanks O.P.I!

One of these days I will buy the real good stuff: Chanel.  But I just can't bring myself to spend $25 on nail polish when the $11 O.P.I. does just fine.

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Oh and apparently black lip gloss is in too, now, thanks to YSL's runway show.  The non-runway stuff is supposed to be really sheer and easy to wear.  I actually can't wait to try it! (In public, that is.)

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YSL gloss in Pur Black, $28.00 and Lancome Color Fever gloss in Piha Black, $48.00

note: BTW, I did mine with just L'oreal eyeliner (the kind in the little jar) topped with a shit-ton of clear gloss =) 

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