Monday, December 15, 2008

No black ink on the black paper, baby

^^Look vaguely familiar??^^

Sorry it's been a while.  With finals and coming back home and going back to work (gag) and all, I haven't had much time!  Plus I'm WAAAAYYYY behind on Christmas shopping.  

Anyway, I found my old Blood Brothers cd, which isn't exactly old cause it came out last year, but I haven't listened to them in forever.  I love listening to a good cd, like a really good cd.  The kind that you haven't listened to in a while, but the minute you put it on your like "damn, this is some good shit."  That's how I am with the Blood Brothers.  The music is so chaotic, it's so great.  May they rest in peace =(

And so speaking of BB-related things, Johnny Whitney and his wife Amy's clothing line=amazing!

Crystal City Clothing.  Why have I not ordered anything from them yet?  I've been following this line for about 3 years and have yet to order any tee shirts!  That's how I get when it comes to ordering online: I'm too lazy.  Oddly enough I'd rather just go to a store rather than point and click.

All these gorgeous tees are printed on yummy American Apparel!!

Image Hosted by

Organ Castle tee, $21.00

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Drop Bombs!! tee, $18.50

Image Hosted by

This might be one of my favorites, the colors, the ink splatter print.  Oh yeah, and the pirate ship!  Galleon tee, $19.00

Image Hosted by

Blue Lazer Rain hoodie, $42.00 <--- (p.s. I WANT THIS)

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I freaking love the colors in this one!  Mannequin Taxidermy tee, on sale for $17.00

More cool shit at!

Oh and you should def check out Young Machetes.  Not as friendly as Crimes, but more so than Burn Piano Island, Burn!

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