Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Such a long way... a long way."

Ew early morning post.  I just can't seem to sleep in these days.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of posting, I've been emotionally and physically under the weather these past few days =)

But enough about me... Since I work in a call center for an insurance company and it is so boring, I have a lot of free time to browse the internets, namely because I'm a sick sap that way and enjoy celebrity gossip!  Actually, it's more just to see what these famous people are wearing these days.  Here are some favorites from this week:

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Jennifer Connelly at the Japanese premier of "The Day the World Stood Still."  It looks like a horrid movie, (well, anything starring Keanu Reeves I assume is going to be horrid) but Jennifer looks amazing here.  She's so tall anyway, but those high-waisted trousers make her legs look a million miles long!  This is exactly the kind of ensemble I'd rock =)

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Nicole Richie at the opening of the new D&G store in LA last Monday.  Wearing, what else?  D&G obviously.  I wonder if anyone showed up wearing something other than the Italian powerhouse...  She looks absolutely adorable!  And speaking of adorable...

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Zooey!!!!!  She is so amazing.  I'm in love with this girl anyway, but she looks so darling in this silver Erin Featherstone number at the "Yes Man" premier in LA.  I just want to hug her and tell her how amazing she is and how I love it when she sings.

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Also among the array of Young Hollywood that attended the D&G opening was Rachel Bilson.  As I said in a previous post i LOVELOVELOVE this jacket!!  I love this whole outfit really, but I'm going to have to do some major thirfting/vintaging to find a jacket or cardigan equally as amazing.  But really, the whole outfit is fantastic, and one of my favorites this week.

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I love it when celebs wear the same shit that I do.  For instance, Rihanna in an oversized sweater, dark skinny jeans and Chucks and huge sunglasses?!  Come on that is my uniform for most of the year while I'm at school.  I'm usually not a big fan of Louis Vuitton but I do enjoy this Monogram Miroir bag.

So that's it.  I have more entries planned that I have been meaning to post this week, but alas, I have just been way to tired to function after work.  Word to the wise: never ever ever work in a customer service/call center setting.  8-hour days of listening to the endless bitching and whining of old fucks over the age of 65 can be exhausting.  Especially when they call you a "fucking liar" when you tell them they did not get a certain subsidy this year when you sent them the appliction, called them twice to remind them it was due and they still didn't do one simple task of filling out a form and mailing it in.  And then they wonder where their reimbursement money is.

It's all okay.  I applied at Nordstrom so hopefully I will hear back soon *crosses fingers*

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  1. Again, i love that sequin jacket! I'm not always a fan of Rhianna's outfits, but she is rocking those shades! Also, customer service jobs suck =( But a Nordstrom's discount would be nice!